The Survivors Benefit Fund

The Survivors Benefit Fund was formed to assist the families left behind by our fallen heroes. Our mission as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization is to ensure the continual financial support for the families in their time of need – to provide for and guarantee that the fallen loved ones are never to be forgotten.

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The Survivors Benefit Fund

A law enforcement officer is killed every 59 hours in the U.S., and over 66,000 law enforcement officers are assaulted each year.

As a non-profit charitable organization, the DEA Survivors Benefit Fund supports the surviving family members of DEA Agents, and employees as well as Deputized Task Force Officers who have been killed in the line of duty.

Within 24 hours of a line of duty death, a check for $20,000, plus an additional $10,000 for each dependent under 21 is delivered to the family.

These funds help offset the following expenses:

  • Funeral
  • Family transportation
  • Housing accommodations
  • Immediate family expenses

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What Can We Do?

The DEA Survivors Benefit Fund is dependent on people like you who choose to help us support the families of our fallen heroes. Your financial assistance assures that family members are taken care of, and children who have lost their fathers or mothers can still go to college and fulfill their dreams.

If a monetary donation isn’t possible, the Survivors Benefit Fund gladly accepts items for auction and donation to help raise money.

Thank you for your support and generosity.

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We’ve done a lot since our inception in 1997. But there is much more to do. Our goals include disbursing $20,000 within 24 hours of a line of duty death, plus $10,000 for each eligible child. Currently there are over 60 dependants of deceased employees that are eligible for higher education assistance; we are working diligently to assist in their future.

Here are a few accomplishments to date:

  • We’ve disbursed over $6 million in line of duty death benefits and educational expenses
  • Our computerized Honor Roll Memorials have been installed at DEA Headquarters and the DEA Training Academy to honor our agents’ sacrifices.
  • During 2015, the SBF hosted 30 fund-raising events across the country.
  • We’ve made it easy for federal employees to directly contribute by integrating into the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC Code 10113) charity.

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Future Goals

We are dedicated to increasing the Line of Duty Death Benefit to $50,000, but we need your help to reach that goal.

Paying full college tuition for children of DEA Agents and Task Force Officers killed in the line of duty is imperative. We’ve been able to help, but we need to continue to secure financial assets in order to help us remain in support.

We are also in need of expanded educational and psychological services for surviving families.

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Recent Press

-December 12, 2016, Joseph Strehl graduated from the St. Louis County Police Academy. Joseph was 2 when his father, Stephen Strehl, a St. Louis Police officer detached to DEA was killed in a helicopter crash. 


-Oct 17, 2016 The DEASBF received a donation of $30,000 from Glock Inc, at the annual IACP conference held in San Diego, California.

GLOCK National Director of Sales, Bob Radecki presented a check for $30,000 to the DEASBF.  On hand to receive the donation on behalf of the DEASBF was Chairman Richard Crock. 


“GLOCK is proud to help honor those who have laid down their lives to serve and protect,” stated Radecki.  “By assisting in providing their children with a college education, GLOCK is able to contribute to this meaningful cause.”  GLOCK has donated nearly $150,000 to the DEASBF since 2011.  


-June 20, 2016 The SBF received a $20,000 grant from the Mary Allen Lindsey Branan Foundation to further the education of SBF dependents.



-July 18, 2016
The Drug Enforcement Administration Survivors Benefit Fund (DEASBF) today announced it has received $40,000 as part of the Motorola Solutions Foundation's Public Safety and Security Institute, The Motorola Solutions Foundation is the charitable arm of Motorola Solutions Inc. Through the grant, the DEASBF will continue funding the college and vocational educations of 13 surviving children currently pursuing their dreams. The Motorola Solutions Foundation Grants support safety education and training programs for first responders, their families and the general public in the United States and Canada. DEASBF Chairman Richard Crock stated, “ The DEASBF is extremely grateful for the generous donation by the Motorola Solutions Foundation and for providing invaluable assistance to the families of DEA’s fallen. Motorola Solutions Foundation has donated a future to the children of our fallen heroes." The DEASBF also provides line of duty death benefits within 24 hours of a death to the families of DEA and deputized Task Force Officers. “Motorola Solutions is dedicated to helping people be their best in the moments that matter,” said Matt Blakely, director of the Motorola Solutions Foundation. “ The Motorola Solutions Foundation aligns itself with this mission by supporting programs like the DEA Survivors Benefit Fund that train people how to respond to potential safety problems or recover from the loss of a first responder. We are proud to see these valuable programs make a positive impact in the communities where we live and work, such as a national program like this.” Through the Public Safety and Security Institute, the Motorola Solutions Foundation serves as an investor, convener and supporter of issues that affect the public safety of communities worldwide, providing leadership in the sector to drive innovation and grow and engage the network of those interested in these issues. The Motorola Solutions Foundation provides grants around the world with an emphasis on programming in communities where Motorola Solutions has a significant presence. For 85 years, Motorola has worked side-by-side with law enforcement to develop the solutions that support its mission. Since 2007, the foundation has provided over $25M in grants to public safety organizations in the U.S and Canada.

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"Without the DEA Survivors Benefit Fund, I would not be where I am today. The tragic loss of my dad, Alan Winn, was of course life-changing, but I am confident that he would be so proud of and grateful for his fellow agents who consistently give to the children and families of those who we’ve lost in the line of duty. Previously, the DEASBF has enabled me to attend the University of California – Davis, where I graduated with a double degree in History and Film.

Currently, the DEASBF have assisted with my master’s education, where I will continue with my final year at the University of Southern California, where I will finish my double master’s degree in Global Media and Communications. I know that these privileges would have been hard to come by if my sister and I had to rely solely on our family’s strained finances after the passing of my dad. My mom has always been quick to remind us of how much the members of the DEASBF sacrifice, both physically and financially, every day to give our family these opportunities. I will always be indebted to the people who have made my education and career prospects possible through their honorable contributions to the many DEA families and to the nation itself."

All the Best,

– Lauren W.

"My dad was a police officer for the city of St. Louis when he was killed in the line of duty while attached to a DEA task force back in 1993. His death happened 6 days before my third birthday and having grown up without a father early on in my life was especially hard on me seeing friends spending time with their dads and having them come to school events like field trips and sporting events. It wasn’t until 9 years later when my mom remarried and my brothers had a father figure in our lives.

When it came time to start applying for colleges in high school, I began to wonder how I would pay for my education like most of my friends. I had asked my parents what I had to do so I could attend a university in the state when my mom told me that I wouldn’t deal with financial aid. She then showed me the DEA’s Survivors Benefit Fund and what the organization does along with explaining to me that my education was covered due to the fact that my dad had been a task force officer.

I am very grateful to the Survivor’s Benefit Fund for making it possible for me, as a student, not to have to worry about how I will pay for my education. With my tuition and book costs covered by the SBF, I can concentrate solely on my classes and earning good grades along with not having to worry about loans or other debt when I graduate from college.

I miss my dad every day and I know that there isn’t anything in the world that can bring him back but with the Survivor’s Benefit Fund we can always remember that there are good people willing to help out families like mine when they lose a loved one. As a junior attending Missouri State University studying Criminology hoping to someday make it to grad school, I wanted to thank everyone at the SBF and supporters for giving me the opportunity to advance my education and future endeavors."

– Joe S.

"To the wonderful people of the DEA Survivors Benefit Fund,

I just wanted to pour out my heart filled thankfulness to the people of the DEA Survivors benefit Fund. When my husband Terry died on May 28 2004, I was pregnant with our fourth baby. I was still in a state of shock and overwhelmed by the generosity and warmness of the DEA family. When I was handed a check for such a large sum of money I nearly fell to my knees but instead I cried because I felt so cared for. This money really came at a great time because checks that my husband had written before he passed were bouncing because he died a couple of days too early to receive his last paycheck. I am still very humbled by the fact that all four of my children, even my son who was not born at the time of his father’s death, will be able to go to college thanks to the Survivors Benefit Fund.

Right now my children are young, ages 10, 8, 6, and almost 4, so it will be a while before they start college but I will keep the DEA family updated.

Blessings and Love to everyone who was there for my family.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

– Debbie, Dornier, Banan, Mallory and Ross

"The Survivors Benefit Fund provides necessary support for DEA families. I am one of the children that received assistance for higher education. I am eternally grateful for their support. The support from the SBF extends beyond financial. I regularly receive phone calls from SBF volunteers on SBF activities or simply to check how I am doing. The SBF volunteers are committed to ensuring that the needs of the families of fallen DEA heroes are met during a very difficult time. It is very comforting to know that the SBF exists and is ready to act when a DEA family member needs help."

– Enrique C.

"How profoundly indebted we are to the fund and to all the participants. Thank you, once again, for your hard work and for caring what happens to us. Amanda is at Loyola in Chicago working on her nurse practitioner degree. I doubt she would have been able to do it on her own unless she borrowed a whole pile of money. She is working part time, and because of the SBF she is able to concentrate on school. What an incredible gift and opportunity you have given her! Thank you. Thank you."

– The C. Family

"A significant part of this healing was the relationship that our family developed with some wonderful agents within the Drug Enforcement Administration. Through their creativity, hard work and dedication, the DEA family created The Survivors Benefit Fund. The Everett E Hatcher Memorial Tournament is only one small fundraiser that provides aid to families, like us, whose lives were changed in the blink of an eye. For our family, it really is a wonderful way to honor their father and the memory of other agents who have given their lives to protect and serve! The greatness of this fund . . . has grown to give financial, emotional and educational support to families who have catastrophic challenges ahead of them. You were instrumental in supporting my youngest son throughout his education at Fordham University. You have been with me and behind my sons for many years. The men and women who carry on their daily jobs and work for the benefit of others should never be overlooked. They have given our family more than I can ever repay."

– Mary Jane H.

"My father was a great man who accomplished a great deal in his life and died a hero to me and my family. He not only graduated from college, but went on to law school and passed the bar in Arizona. . . . He was a hard worker, determined to do his best and to achieve his dreams. It is this resolve that I try to implement in my life. While I have not accomplished as much as he has, I have tried to make a difference in my own way. I have an active role in the university and done well in most of my classes. However, these accomplishments would probably be less and harder to accomplish without the Survivors Benefit Fund . . . even though my father is not here with me, I believe that it is his spirit that keeps me focused and driven to do my best."

– Zarina R.

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Black and Gold Pipe Band

The DEA Survivors Benefit Fund Black and Gold Pipe Band is proud to honor the sacrifices of our fallen brothers. The band is comprised of active and retired DEA Special Agents and Task Force Officers who volunteer their time and talents to honor those that made the ultimate sacrifice. They are a mainstay at the DEA Memorial Service and other solemn events across the country.

“Stand the Line”
Written by: A DEA Agent

"When I hear the call of the pipes,
And the tattoo of the drums as they echo in the hills,
I will come and stand the line.
And you should know this,
That whether you stand with me or against me,
I will fight till death.
And if the Lord should decide to take me before you,
Then you should know this,
That my brothers and sons and my sisters and daughters will pick up my sword and continue to stand the line.
For oppression, anarchy and evil shall not prevail,
As long as I, stand the line
Today, let us remember those warriors who stood beside us,
Today, let us remember, we carry their swords."

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